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Carbon Nanotubes HX-N


Carbon nanotubes might be seen as tubular one-dimentional nano materials rolled up by graphene,with excellent conductivity and mechanical properties.CNT,as a conductive additive,has already showed superior application prospect for Li-ion can not only reduce the consumption of conductive additives,but also improve the liquid-absorbing properties of the pole piece because of its tubular structures.Haoxin technology has developed series of HX-N CNTS. This product has high purification and stability, good dispersion and conductivity.Compared with Super-P additives,HX-N has significant advantages for Li-ion batteries by using only 10% the amount of Super-P.


Technical Data







8~15 nm


10~20 μm

180~220 m2/g


Suggested Use

As good conductive additives,HX-N can be added to other cathode and anode materials.We suggest you add 0.5-2% of it.

This product is solid powder.Please store and use it under dry environment.

Staff should wear face mask to avoid inhalation.

We suggest it is fully dispersed in solvents before use to reach its best conductive effects,and then completely dispersed by ultrasound or high-speed shearing with feed batch mode.